"How These Football Players Unlocked Their Full Athletic Potential"

by David Claiborne, Strength & Conditioning Program Director - Genesis Athletic Performance

I’m David Claiborne aka DC and just wanted to say thanks for stopping by before we went any further.

Just you coming here says something about you.

It tells me that you are looking for ways to become a faster, stronger, and bigger football player. I love helping out dedicated football athletes make sure that they get the most from their training. It is the main reason I went into coaching and strength and conditioning.

Why did these football players achieve such great results while so many of their teammates and opponents never progressed from year to year?

Each of these athletes (and many more) trained “outside the box”, and didn’t stick with the traditional training methods that most football and strength and conditioning coaches have been preaching since the 60’s and 70’s.

Most football players and coaches make the mistake thinking that running between cones, performing power cleans, and bench pressing are the only way to gain muscle, get faster, and perform better on the gridiron.

I’m not saying those 3 things are wrong, but they are not going to make you a better football player if they aren’t used correctly in a quality football training program.

The easiest way to think of it is like this… Every year shoe companies come out with new cleats for football. These newest cleats are designed to be super light, protect your ankles, make you faster, and give you the ability to stop on a dime and never slip. But if you put those cleats on the slowest guy on the field, who can’t even move, will they make him a better football player?

Nope… All you have now is a bad football player with some flashy cleats.

That is how off-season training works. Agility drills, power cleans, bench press, etc. are like getting some flashy new cleats, but if they aren’t used correctly, any results you get aren’t going to carry over to the field.

Here are some ways to make sure you are performing a quality off-season training program, so you can unlock your football potential like the guys on this page:

  1. Properly Warm-Up – Forget the stretches in a circle with your team, or yards of high knees. You’re warm-up needs to be one of the most important parts of your training. A quality warm-up not only helps unlock the bodies ability to train harder, it also minimizes injuries, and primes the brain to get in the right mind set to crush the workout, practice, or game.
  2. Maximize Speed Training – Unlike what most coaches and athletes think, speed CAN be taught. But to do so, every step must be perfect and you must be fully recovered before the next drill so you can move as fast as possible. This can take .2 off your 40 Yard dash alone.
  3. Recover and Deload Correctly – Football is a rough sport. The best players in the world have to take a week off during the season and don’t start off-season training until March or April even though they stopped playing in January. By correctly scheduling off weeks and de-loading workouts you will stay healthier, maximize your growth, and get even stronger.
  4. Train With Other Dedicated Athletes – Your training partners need to be as dedicated as you are. There are some easy things to look for to make sure you find a quality training partner.
  5. Bodyweight Training – If you can put up huge numbers in the weight room, but can’t transfer that strength to the gridiron, then you didn’t do anything to make you a better football player. By adding athletic bodyweight exercises into your off-season and in-season training, every ounce of muscle you gain and the stronger you get will make you a better and more explosive football player.

To make this as simple as possible to incorporate into your off-season training, I’ve made a cheat sheet that explains everything in detail.

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